Pricing & Limits

See the pricing page for the overview of the available features in Free and Pro plans.

No uptime guarantees are provided during the initial public beta for Deno Deploy. Access to the service will be controlled by our fair use policy. Any user we deem to be in violation of this policy, runs the risk of having their account terminated.

During the initial public beta, the following hard limits apply. If any runtime limits are exceeded, all related requests will be immediately terminated, and a warning will be logged to the deployment's logs.

Feature Free Pro
Request count 100k req/day, 1000 req/min $2/million requests
Memory 512 MB 512 MB
CPU Time per request 10 ms 50 ms
Environment variable size 8 KB 8 KB
ES modules per deployment 1000 1000
Deployment script size 20 MB 20 MB
Deployments per hour 30 30
Custom domains 50 50
BroadcastChannel 64KB/sec send rate per isolate, no limit on receive The same as Free

Isolate: an instance of your deployment running in any one of the available regions. Isolates are created and destroyed on demand based on traffic to your deployment.

If you have a use case that exceeds any of these limits, please reach out.