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Deno Deploy deploys your code throughout the world. Each new request is served from the closest region to your user. Deploy is presently located in the following regions:

  1. Taiwan (asia-east1)
  2. Hong Kong (asia-east2)
  3. Tokyo (asia-northeast1)
  4. Osaka (asia-northeast2)
  5. Seoul (asia-northeast3)
  6. Mumbai (asia-south1)
  7. Delhi (asia-south2)
  8. Singapore (asia-southeast1)
  9. Jakarta (asia-southeast2)
  10. Sydney (australia-southeast1)
  11. Melbourne (australia-southeast2)
  12. Warsaw (europe-central2)
  13. Finland (europe-north1)
  14. Belgium (europe-west1)
  15. London (europe-west2)
  16. Frankfurt (europe-west3)
  17. Netherlands (europe-west4)
  18. Zurich (europe-west6)
  19. Montréal (northamerica-northeast1)
  20. Toronto (northamerica-northeast2)
  21. São Paulo (southamerica-east1)
  22. Iowa (us-central1)
  23. South Carolina (us-east1)
  24. North Virginia (us-east4)
  25. Oregon (us-west1)
  26. Los Angeles (us-west2)
  27. Utah (us-west3)
  28. Las Vegas (us-west4)

We will update the list as we add more regions.

Please file an issue in our feedback repository if you find any problem in Deploy service or documentation.