Simple API

This quickstart will cover how to deploy a simple API on Deno Deploy.

Step 1: Write the API in a local file

// simple_api.js

import { serve } from "";

serve((req: Request) => new Response("Hello World"));

This is a basic web server, and you can run it locally with:

deno run -a simple_api.js

This brings the server up on localhost:5000.

To deploy this server on Deno Deploy, you can use the Github integration.

git init
git add .

Step 2: Create a new Github repo and push the local file to the Github repo

  1. Create a new Github repo and record the git repo remote URL

  2. From the local repo where simple_api.js resides, initialize git and push to the new remote repo:

    git init
    git add simple_api.js
    git commit -m "First commit"
    git remote add <remote-url>
    git push origin main

You now have a new Github repo with exactly one file in it.

Step 3: Deploy to Deno Deploy

  1. Navigate to and click the New Project button.
  2. On the next page, choose the Deploy from Github repository card.
  3. To fill in the values on the form, choose:
    • the new Github repo that you just created
      • automatic (fastest)
    • main branch
    • simple_api.js as the entrypoint file

This downloads all dependencies of simple_api.js, caches them, and gives you an API at localhost:8000 that responds with “Hello World”.