Testing and Tools


Test deno:

# Run the whole suite:
cargo test

# Only test cli/tests/unit/:
cargo test js_unit_tests

Test std/:

cargo test std_tests

Lint and format

Lint the code:

deno run -A --unstable ./tools/lint.js

Format the code:

deno run -A --unstable ./tools/format.js

Continuous Benchmarks

See our benchmarks over here

The benchmark chart supposes https://github.com/denoland/benchmark_data/blob/gh-pages/data.json has the type BenchmarkData[] where BenchmarkData is defined like the below:

interface ExecTimeData {
  mean: number;
  stddev: number;
  user: number;
  system: number;
  min: number;
  max: number;

interface BenchmarkData {
  created_at: string;
  sha1: string;
  benchmark: {
    [key: string]: ExecTimeData;
  binarySizeData: {
    [key: string]: number;
  threadCountData: {
    [key: string]: number;
  syscallCountData: {
    [key: string]: number;