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Meet Deno

The easiest,
most secure JavaScript runtime.

Announcing Deno KV: a global database for global apps!

The best developer experience

Without the learning curve…

Avoid installing dependencies

Dive right into the code and skip the setup.

Web APIs

Web-standard APIs

A runtime that resembles the web, using browser APIs that work on the server.

TypeScript out of the box

First-class support for TypeScript – no need to spend hours configuring things that break as soon as you update a dependency.

Great all-in-one tooling

Built in linter, code formatter, ability to build a self-contained executable, test runner, IDE integration, and more.

Hassle-free deployment

Launch to Deno Deploy with one line of code and zero server configuration, or host with other platforms of your choice.

"Voted one of the most loved web technologies in a survey of over 70,000 developers"
Stack Overflow

Built to perform at your speed.

Designed from the ground-up for high-performance.

HTTP Benchmark

Best in class HTTP server speeds

The fastest JavaScript web server ever built.
(HTTP hello⁠-⁠world using wrk on mac⁠)

Powered by Chrome's V8

Built on top of the fastest and most complete JavaScript engine.

"What stood out first and foremost to our team was their laser focus on security... like the ability to execute code with limited access to the file system or external domains."

Secure by default.

Take total control over your workflow.

Run untrusted code

By default Deno provides no I/O access and is appropriate for running untrusted code and auditing new third⁠-⁠party code.

Fine grained
permission checks

Provide an allow-list to access only certain file system directories, network hosts, and environment variables.

Safer NPM packages

Install and run npm packages with less worry.

Used by a large community of developers and leading technology companies:

Over 200k Monthly Actives


Start building immediately.

With modern tooling that delivers a performant user experience, which can be deployed anywhere.


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