Deno Deploy

Deno Deploy is a distributed system that allows you to run JavaScript, TypeScript, and WebAssembly close to users, at the edge, worldwide. Deeply integrated with the V8 runtime, our servers provide minimal latency and eliminate unnecessary abstractions. You can develop your script locally using the Deno CLI, and then deploy it to our managed infrastructure in less than a second, without the need to configure anything.

Built on the same modern systems as the Deno CLI, Deno Deploy provides the latest and greatest in web technologies in a globally scalable way:

  • Builds on the Web: use fetch, WebSocket, or URL just like in the browser
  • Built-in support for TypeScript and JSX: type safe code, and intuitive server side rendering without a build step
  • Web compatible ES modules: import dependencies just like in a browser, without the need for explicit installation
  • Direct GitHub integration: push to a branch, review a deployed preview, and merge to release to production
  • Extremely fast: deploy in less than a second, serve globally close to users