Deno SaaSKit

An open source, modern SaaS template built with Fresh and Deno.

Start your SaaS easily and quickly with this free, scalable, production-ready template.

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Built with modern technologies

SaaSKit is built with Fresh and Deno, the simplest and fastest approach to building web apps.

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Fresh is a next gen web framework built for speed, reliability, and simplicity. Fresh uses server side rendering, islands, and progressive enhancement, and sends zero JavaScript to the client by default.

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Deno is the easiest, and most secure JavaScript/TypeScript runtime. It comes with a robust toolchain and TypeScript support out of the box so you can skip configuration and dive right into coding.

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Everything your SaaS needs

The free SaaSKit includes these built-in features

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  • Landing Page
  • Subscription Billing (via Stripe)
  • Customer Portal
  • User Authentication
  • SEO Friendly
  • Production-Ready
  • Mobile Friendly

The best developer experience

Custom changes are fast and simple with minimal configuration


Clean, easy-to-read code that's yours to edit.

Composable, pluggable, extensible

Easily swap in your favorite technologies.

Modern programming practices

No build step, zero configuration, and native support for TypeScript, Tailwind, VSCode, and more.

Host anywhere you like

Deploy to any virtual private server or globally to the edge with Deno Deploy.

Fast for your users

Server-side rendered with islands architecture so your SaaS feels snappy

Hosted globally at the edge

Deploy your SaaS close to your users with Deno Deploy for minimal latency.

Progressive enhancement

Fresh and Deno fall back to browser specifications where possible so your SaaS will work on as many devices as possible.

Perfect PageSpeed score

With server-side rendering and zero JavaScript shipped to the client by default, your SaaS will have minimal latency and achieve a perfect PageSpeed score.

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