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An illustration of the Deno dinosaur wearing a TC39 badge

Deno joins TC39

Deno aims to be the best runtime for the modern JavaScript developer. One way we do this is by embracing the latest in JavaScript standards. Deno is fundamentally built for modern JavaScript: Promises, async/await, ES modules and async iterators are all first-class citizens.

To make sure that future evolutions of JavaScript will continue to work well for Deno - and server-side JavaScript runtimes in general - the Deno company has joined ECMA International, the standards organization that is responsible for the JavaScript standard (ECMA-262).

We will be working with other ECMA members and the wider JS community on the next iterations of JavaScript, in the TC39 working group. We will be pushing for features and improvements to the language that benefit everyone, but especially users of server-side JavaScript.

Some of the features that we are looking to work on soon:

  • Better support for non-JS assets in the ES module graph
  • Better support for explicit resource management
  • More extensive standard library functions for (async) iteration

As TypeScript is a core part of the Deno ecosystem, we are also very interested in pushing for even closer alignment of TypeScript and JavaScript in the future.

I (Luca Casonato) will be Deno’s primary representative at TC39. If you have suggestions of features or improvements that could make JavaScript better, please email me at or send me a message on Twitter at @lcasdev. I am excited to work with other members of TC39 on pushing JavaScript to new heights.