Deno Subhosting

Extend your platform with a flexible, global, serverless system of on-demand JavaScript isolates.

Deno Cloud Hypervisor.

Empower Your Users

Whether your users want to write and run their own edge functions or connect services and APIs with a “low code” approach, our global edge infrastructure scales seamlessly so you don’t have to maintain your own.

Empower your users.

Web Standards

Deno strictly adheres to browser standards bodies like WHATWG and TC39, so your users aren't forced to learn any proprietary APIs.

Web standards such as TC39 and WinterCG.

Low Latency

With 50 points of presence world-wide, our isolate cloud can deliver low-latency connections from anywhere on Earth.

Low latency.

“We chose Deno to power Netlify Edge Functions because it's optimized for performance and doesn’t force proprietary APIs onto our users.”

Mathias Biilmann
Mathias Biilmann
CEO, Netlify

The world's most innovative companies use Deno.


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