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Deno Subhosting

Securely run customer code written in your product

Extend your product with a hosted sandbox that securely runs untrusted multi-tenant JavaScript code.
Global scale
Requests processed monthly
World-class reliability
We chose Deno to power Netlify Edge Functions because it's optimized for performance and doesn’t force proprietary APIs onto our users.”
Mathias Biilmann - CEO, Netlify

Effortless security

Have full peace of mind when running untrusted code from multiple customers. Deno subhosting is built with multiple layers of security, including the protections of Google’s V8, Rust and Linux containers.
Learn more about security and tenant isolation
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User code is completely isolated from both your internal system and other users’ data.
Define which web services can be accessed by your user’s code.
Set limits on CPU usage for user requests.
Ensure that only authenticated systems can invoke functions defined by your users.
Diagram showing your infrastructure's accessible systems communicating with Deno's infrastructure. Deno's infrastructure contains multiple users' code, each boxed inside a V8 Sandbox, nested inside process boundaries, in turn nested inside Linux namespace.

A seamless experience for your users

Empower your users to get the most out of your product, with a simple, integrated developer experience.
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Whether your users want to easily write and run their own edge functions or connect services and APIs with a “low code” approach, Deno Subhosting enables them to do so without ever leaving your product or configuring a single server.
By strictly adhering to JavaScript and browser standards, your users don’t need to learn any proprietary languages or APIs.
User code can import npm modules while still running quickly at the edge.

Simple setup that scales automatically

Save months of engineering effort in setting up a custom hosting solution and get back to focusing on the features that matter most for your users.

Easy setup

Just send code to our API and it'll be ready to run in seconds.

Serverless Scaling

No need to update your infrastructure as you grow. Deno subhosting automatically scales with your volume, and you only pay for what you use.

User Analytics API

Get insights into your users' usage so you can bill them accurately and efficiently (if you choose to).

Built for speed and reliability

Backed by a global network of on-demand V8 isolates.

Global Edge Network

Your users’ code runs fast everywhere. With 25 points of presence worldwide, our isolate cloud can be accessed with low-latency from anywhere on Earth.

Global Reliability

Deno’s edge network is built to withstand traffic spikes, with automatic failover and global replication.

Have more custom requirements?

Cloud Prem

  • Pre-configured Deno runtime
  • Seamless integration with popular cloud platforms: AWS, Azure, GCP
  • Automated security patches and updates
  • Zero-downtime deployment of updates
  • Automatic scaling based on demand
  • Pay-as-you-use pricing to optimize costs
  • Real-time monitoring of user code deployments and activities
  • Detailed usage analytics and performance metrics
  • Outbound connections filtered through an allowlist

On Prem

  • Standalone daemon for easy installation
  • Integration as an NGINX module for web servers
  • Operates independently with no external cloud dependencies
  • Optimized for local network operations
  • Granular security settings tailored for enterprise compliance
  • Optional integration with enterprise security solutions
  • Connect to Deno's hosted dashboard for a unified management experience
  • Automated updates, with an option for manual vetting and deployment

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