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The Deno KV Hackathon

Announcing the Deno KV Hackathon

UPDATE 2023/06/16: The hackathon is over and winners have been determined. Thanks everyone who participated!

As we continue to improve Deno KV, a zero-config, globally distributed key-value store built right into Deno, we’ve been excited to see a wide range of novel use cases. To further encourage building on Deno KV, we’d love to highlight these projects so we’re inviting everyone to participate in the Deno KV Hackathon.

You can build anything — an API, an edge function, a web app, etc. — so long as it uses Deno KV, is open source, and deployed on Deno Deploy.

The hackathon starts now and the deadline for submissions is Thursday, June 15th, 2023 at 12pm Pacific Time. Winners will be announced on Friday.


First off, we here at Deno want to give a huge shout out to everyone who participated, engaged in our Discord and YouTube, and helped make this an awesome, fun hackathon!

There were 29 submissions! Which is impressive given that you all only had 3.5 days to build something. (And next time, we’ll do a longer one that’ll include a weekend.)

Here are the winners for each category.

Most Fun

Kicking off the first winner of the hackathon is for the category, Most Fun. We were thrilled to see so many fun games come out of the hackathon.

The winning project for this category is KV chopper, a chopper game with Deno KV as the leaderboard, created by Pranev. Congratulations!

Screenshot of KV chopper

Runners up (don’t worry — you’ll also get prizes!) include

Most Technically Impressive

There were so many projects that were technically impressive that we couldn’t decide on a single one (it was a four-way tie 😬). Here are all of the winners for this category, in no particular order:

NotiFire, a simple notification service to send notifications to your browser via a POST request, by Ali Almahdi:

Screenshot of NotiFire

Dennis, a RESP-speaking server backed by Deno KV, by Andrés Mármol:

Screenshot of Dennis

Paleon, a logging service and library with Deno KV, by Chiezo:

Screenshot of Paleon

Zero-Knowledge Note SaaS, a secure private note app, by ab6d:

Screenshot of Zero Knowledge Note SaaS

Ryan’s Favorite

The winning project for Ryan’s Favorite is Reddino, a reddit-like clone, from Blocksnmore and Lukas. Was this a fun project to take on for a hackathon or a well-timed launch to attract reddit’s users during their blackout? 🤔

Screenshot of Reddino

Fan Favorite

We received 63 votes from the community for which project deserves to win Fan Favorite. The winning project for Fan Favorite is Crux X from the denosaurs Elias Sjögreen and Dean Srebnik. They re-wrote the registry with Fresh and Deno KV, as well as a dose of love and stress.

Screenshot of Crux X

Runners up in this category include Storybro and Reddino.

And finally…

Overall Best

There were so many awesome projects that it was tough to select a single one. The winning project for Overall Best is Reddino! Congratulations to the Reddino team again!

Since Reddino already won Ryan’s Favorite, we want to give other teams a chance to win some prizes. So the runner up is Stone Bone Cone, a rock-paper-scissors battle royale game from the Abe Train. Great work!

Screenshot of Stone, Bone, and Cone

For all winning teams, Andy will get in touch with you on Discord for your shipping details so you can receive your gifts.

Getting access to Deno KV

If you don’t yet have access to Deno KV and want to participate, please follow these steps:

Once you’ve been invited off the waitlist, you’ll receive an email from us confirming your access to Deno KV on Deno Deploy.

Categories and Prizes

We’ll evaluate projects in these five categories:

  • Overall best
  • Ryan’s favorite
  • Most fun
  • Most technically impressive
  • Fan favorite (community vote — you get to decide!)

And all winning teams will receive…

Our new Deno KV sticker set:

Deno KV sticker set

A Deno pocket tee:

A Deno pocket tee

A Deno KV floppy disk USB drive (16GB):

A Deno KV floppy disk

Submission Rules

To be eligible for judging, you must submit your project here by Thursday 12pm Pacific Time and adhere to the following rules:

  • Uses Deno KV and deployed on Deno Deploy
  • Open sourced on GitHub
  • One submission per team
  • Team size can be 1 person to 5 people
  • You cannot be on multiple teams
  • All code must be created during the event



Here are resources to help you get started:

Here are some examples to inspire you:

We also have scheduled events this week:

And more!

If you’d like to be notified of each event, join our Discord and update your role to include events.

Let’s code!

With that being said, let’s start coding! We’re excited to see what you’ll build.

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