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Deno on MDN

Deno embraces modern web APIs. When capabilities are added to the runtime, the preference is in the form of a browser API. This benefits developers because they are already familiar with these APIs, and it benefits Deno because already existing tests can be leveraged.

Web APIs have a huge amount of documentation. Searching for “fetch javascript” turns up hundreds of millions of results. The best source of web platform documentation is MDN. MDN contains ~11k pages of documentation, guides, and tutorials, maintained by the community and staff from Google, Mozilla, and Open Web Docs.

MDN also maintains runtime compatibility data for web APIs. This data is displayed on MDN documentation pages in form of a compatibility chart. As of today, Deno compatibility data is also available in these charts. Compatibility data is available for all JavaScript reference pages (e.g. Array and WebAssembly.LinkError) and many web API reference pages (such as fetch and setTimeout).

MDN compat table for TextEncoderStream

The data is also programmatically available through the mdn/browser-compat-data repository.

Many thanks to Daniel D. Beck, Ruth John, and Schalk Neethling who were instrumental to getting this landed.