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Deno Deploy Beta 4

Deno Deploy Beta 4

Deno Deploy is a serverless at edge offering running in 32 regions across the world, built from scratch by The Deno Company. The service deeply integrates cloud infrastructure with V8 isolates, allowing people to quickly script optimal distributed web apps. This novel system is designed from the ground up for modern JavaScript programming.

Today we are releasing Deno Deploy Beta 4, bringing the service a step closer to General Availability. In this release we improve the dashboard, add billing functionality, add 3 new regions, and improve analytics

Everyday more and more infrastructure is being built on top of Deno Deploy – services like Netlify Edge Functions and Supabase Edge Functions build on Deno Deploy Subhosting. We encourage you to give it a try even tho it is still in beta!


So far Deno Deploy has been a free technology preview, but of course this is unsustainable. With this release the service moves closer to reality with a paid plan.

Deno Deploy pricing

The Free plan includes 100k requests/day, 10ms CPU time per request, and up to 100 GiB outbound data transfer a month (inbound is free). The Free plan also includes GitHub integration, which allows you to deploy on push with both Private and Public repositories.

The Pro plan starts at $10/month, which includes up to 5 million requests/month, 50ms CPU time per request, wild card subdomains, and data transfer at $0.30/GiB. Requests over 5 million will cost $2/million requests.

New Regions

We have added three new regions:

  • 🇮🇹 Milan
  • 🇪🇸 Madrid
  • 🇫🇷 Paris

We are now operating in 32 regions globally. We’ll continue to invest in our global edge infrastructure so that you can deploy and run code close to your users.

New Dashboard

We’ve vastly improved the Deno Deploy dashboard to make it easier to manage apps.

New project view

For each project, in addition to request count and transferred bytes, you can now view average CPU time used per request. You can still adjust the time interval for displaying analytics among 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days.

analytics are now available for each of your projects

We improved the project logs to make it more readable. And we are adding the filter UI for log level and isolate region.

New project logs

We refactored the project settings page with better UI/UX to make it more intuitive and easy to use.

New project settings

We have improved the usability of Playgrounds, where you can edit, deploy, and run code right in the browser. We have added three templates, “Hello World”, “JSX”, and “WASM”, so you can get started immediately.

Select a Playground template to get started

Other improvements include:

  • Keyboard support for interacting with modals and dialogue boxes
  • Ability to update project settings directly from the Playground
  • Improved readability of Playground logs
  • Option to format your code when you save

What’s Next?

Last year over optimistically predicted a General Availability release of Deno Deploy by the end of 2021. Standing up a full serverless system has a lot of details and we did not want to rush it out. Our estimate are now aiming for General Availability in Q3 2022.

Future releases will include caching, better CLI interoperability, improved analytics & logging and other features that we’re secretly planning!

If you have any feedback on Deno Deploy, please open an issue or join our Discord.