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Supabase hackathon.

Build an Edge Function for the Supabase Hackathon

Our friends over at Supabase are hosting Launch Week 6 Hackathon where you can build an open source project — a project, app, tool, library, etc. — and win prizes like $1,500 in GitHub sponsorships, an official Supabase Keyboard, and more.

We’re excited to sponsor and judge the category, Best Edge Functions. Simply build a Supabase edge function (which runs on the same infrastructure that powers Deno Deploy) and you’ll automatically be entered! Prizes will include merch from our store, new stickers, and other surprises.

For details about the Supabase Launch Week 6 Hackathon, please refer to their blog post.

What are edge functions?

Edge functions are serverless functions that run globally at the edge, close to your users, which reduces latency.

Some edge function use cases include:

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We’ve created a new channel #edge-functions where you can meet other developers, discuss ideas for edge functions, and get technical support. Join our Discord here.

We look forward to seeing what you end up building!

Update: announcing the winner and runners-up!

We loved reviewing all of the entries—you all found such creative ways to use edge functions! That leaves us to do the hardest part: picking a winner. Our judging criteria focused on three areas: how finished the project was, how creatively edge functions were used, and overall presentation.

The winner is Vista (GitHub), a video editing application that allows you to add subtitles. Congratulations to the team on building such a complete app within the allotted time!


Next, the first runner up is SupaQue (GitHub), an extremely handy cron-like scheduler. In Serverless / Edge Function world, we don’t always have the luxury of having a constantly running process, but we can use SupaQue right now to help overcome that.

Supa Queue

Last but not least, the honorable mention is Lookout (GitHub), which is an advanced image search application that lets you search for and discover images from a variety of media sources using metadata. Give it a whirl — it’s extremely fast.


We’ll coordinate with the mentioned teams to send over Deno merch as prizes!

Most importantly, this was a lot of fun!

We’d like to thank everyone who participated once again; it’s exhilarating to see developers find interesting ways to leverage edge functions, and all the creations will surely serve as a springboard or inspiration for many projects to come in 2023! There were other entries in other categories, too, make sure you check out Supabase’s full winner announcement.

Did you want to participate but didn’t get a chance? We’ll be holding more events like this this year. Follow us on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss out!