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The Hookdeck SDK is now on JSR

Announcing the Hookdeck SDK on JSR

JSR is a modern JavaScript registry intended to simplify publishing and consuming JavaScript and TypeScript modules, while also moving the ecosystem forward by supporting and promoting web standards. Since our launch, over 7.5k users have signed up to JSR.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that the Hookdeck SDK is now available on JSR.

Hookdeck is an event gateway that simplifies managing events across a distributed and asynchronous architecture. You can reliably receive and send webhooks, route and transform event payloads between cloud services, and queue events all without managing infrastructure.

Using Hookdeck via JSR provides a better developer experience with auto-generated documentation and type definitions right in your text editor.

Installing Hookdeck

You can get started with the Hookdeck SDK using the deno add command:

deno add @hookdeck/sdk

Or with npm:

npx jsr add @hookdeck/sdk

The above command will generate a deno.json file, listing all your project dependencies:

  "imports": {
    "@hookdeck/sdk": "jsr:@hookdeck/sdk^0.1.7"
Note the Hookdeck SDK is still in beta, and there may be breaking changes between versions without a major version update. We recommend pinning the package version to a specific version in your package.json file.

You can then import the Hookdeck SDK to your main.ts file:

import { Hookdeck, HookdeckClient } from "@hookdeck/sdk";

const hookdeck = new HookdeckClient({

const connection = await hookdeck.connection.upsert({
  name: "inbound-example",
  source: {
    name: "inbound",
  destination: {
    name: "outbound",
    url: "",

  "Created or updated Connection. Source URL:",
Learn more about getting started with Hookdeck in their documentation.

Finally, you can run the following command to execute:

​​deno run -A main.ts

What’s next?

Hookdeck, which simplifies managing events across a distributed asynchronous architecture, is now easier to use in multiple environments via JSR. Additionally, using Hookdeck via JSR provides type definitions and documentation in your text editor, making it easier to use.

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