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Deno Deploy
Hassle-free platform for serverless JavaScript applications

Develop locally in JavaScript or TypeScript, deploy in seconds globally and scale to billions of requests.

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Serverless that’s effortless

Go from local development to serving billions of requests in a matter of seconds.

Develop locally with the Deno runtime

Use Deno’s powerful open source runtime for TypeScript and JavaScript to develop serverless apps locally with your favorite tools and frameworks.
Learn more about Deno
An illustration of Deno code, showing the 'deno run --check' and 'deno run --check=all' commands, along with a simple 'Deno.serve()' one-liner that returns a new Response object.
Deno.serve((req) => new Response("Hello!"));

interface Person {
  name: string;
  age: number;

function greet(person: Person) {
  return "Hello, " + + "!";

console.log(greet({ name: "Alice", age: 36 }));
$ deno run server.js
> Ready! Waiting for requests...

Powerful built-in APIs

The Deno runtime provides built-in APIs for a key/value database and job queue, which Deno Deploy will seamlessly scale and manage for you.
Learn about APIs

Zero configuration

Deploy to our global network with a single command. Start using Deno runtime APIs like Deno KV right away, with zero config. Say goodbye to huge cloud infrastructure configuration files.
Learn about Deno KV
curl -fsSL | sh

deno install -A --no-check -r -f

Works the way you do

Use the tools and frameworks you love to build amazing applications.

Deploy from GitHub

Deno Deploy integrates with GitHub to deploy your applications in seconds. Get preview deployments for pull requests, GitHub Actions integration, and everything you’d expect for CI/CD.

Access millions of third-party modules

Deno Deploy is the first JavaScript edge runtime that supports running millions of npm modules in production without bundling first.

Some of our supported libraries and frameworks:

Connect to anything

Deno Deploy’s comprehensive module support means that you can connect to just about any database or API imaginable.

Some of our supported databases and APIs:

Massive global scale

Simple, scalable infrastructure for serverless JavaScript, designed from the ground up for edge servers.

Run application logic at the edge

JavaScript applications on Deno Deploy run server-side logic geographically close to users, offering low latency and great performance.

V8 isolate architecture

Deno Deploy runs your code in lightweight V8 isolates, offering faster cold start times than lambda functions or virtual machines.

Global redundancy

Apps on Deploy are globally distributed, ensuring minimal latency and maximum uptime no matter where your users are.

Elastic scalability

Resources used to serve your application gracefully scale up and down with your needs, including handling sudden traffic spikes.
A generous free tier for all projects makes Deno Deploy a worry-free platform to grow from idea to production application.

What will you build with Deno Deploy?

Deno Deploy is designed to support a wide range of serverless JavaScript application use cases.

SaaS software

Build full-featured software-as-a-service applications with Deno Fresh and SaaSKit. With authentication, Stripe integration, and a built-in database, you'll be collecting subscriptions in no time.
The hero of

Bots, automations, and webhooks

Quickly stand up Discord bots, API servers, and workflow automations with built-in database, queue, and cron APIs on Deno Deploy. Follow this tutorial to learn how to offload GitHub event webhooks to a task queue.
Deno Deploy code editor

Real-time applications

Build real-time applications using web standard APIs and technologies like server-sent events. This tutorial will guide you through building a multi-user pixel art drawing program in the browser.
PixelPage, a Deno app where users can paint colorful pixel art.

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