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We recommend publishing to JSR.

We recently released JSR, the JavaScript Registry. JSR has native support for ESM and TypeScript, NPM interoperability, and compatibility with all JavaScript runtimes.

Compared to, JSR also offers semver resolution, better automatic documentation generation, and improved performance for TypeScript code.

Don't panic: Although we recommend JSR for a better publishing experience, will continue to be served at the same address indefinitely.

Adding a module

NOTE: we now recommend publishing Deno modules to JSR instead; see above.

All modules on need to be hosted as public repositories on downloads and stores your repository contents every time you create a git tag. We only do this once for every tag. This ensures that the contents we serve for a specific version can never change.

Our service needs to get informed whenever a new tag is created. For this purpose we use GitHub webhooks.

Browse Modules

Module name

To get started please type the module name:

Advanced options

There are some more optional settings to set up:

Add the webhook

You can now add the webhook to your repository.

Payload URL
  1. Navigate to the repository you want to add.
  2. Go to the Settings tab.
  3. Click on the Webhooks tab.
  4. Click on the Add webhook button.
  5. Enter the above URL in the payload URL field.
  6. Select application/json as the content type.
  7. Select Let me select individual events.
  8. Select only the Branch or tag creation event.
  9. Press Add webhook.