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Introducing the Annual State of Edge Functions Survey

  • Alon Bonder

Though web infrastructure is constantly evolving (from plain site hosting to cloud VMs to serverless compute models), one thing stays the same: engineers evaluating new technologies to determine how best to use them in their business or product. For nascent technologies this can be difficult, as there aren’t many resources available or a community with which to share tips and tricks.

One emergent technology is edge functions, which combines serverless computing with a CDN and allows developers to transform responses, set custom HTTP request headers, localize content with geolocation, and personalize the website based on the visitor. Beyond these use cases, we’re learning about developers finding new ways to use edge functions and want to centralize these stories and resources to help the community.

We’re excited to announce the annual State of Edge Functions survey, where we invite you to share your experience with edge functions so that together we can identify current and upcoming trends, as well as common frustrations and annoyances, to better understand how to most effectively use this technology.

Please take the survey here.

The survey will close in a month, at which point we will publish a report that summarizes the responses from the survey.